Paula Klevene and The Historic Point Basse Master Gardeners

Please accept our appreciation for the extraordinary generous $2,500.00 endowment to the gardeners at Historical Point Basse.  It will help fund our gardens for the next ten years.  This will be the seventh season that the Wood County Master Gardener Volunteers have been partnering with Historic Point Basse and your generosity will help us enlarge our gardens and increase our educational lessons during events and school children’s field trips.

Currently along with our civil war period heirloom garden, we have a certified monarch way station, a bee and butterfly garden, blooming quilt block, and this past fall have started work on our kitchen herb garden.

We not only plan and maintain the gardens, but teach about gardening at every opportunity.  Along with demonstrating at Historic Point Basse events, we have participated in teaching school children’s field trips where we gave over 350 children seasonal hand-on experiences from planting to harvesting, identifying, touching, and tasting  the plants.  In 2018 year we have a tentative schedule for approximately  475 children.

Each year we plant extra ordinary crops that can be used on-site or donated, such as Jerusalem artichokes, peanuts, broom corn, flax, cotton, mushrooms and more.  Last year we were able to donate 100 pounds of heirloom vegetables and herbs to the South Wood Emerging Panty Shelf in Wisconsin Rapids.

Your generosity will help Historic Point Basse and Wood County Master Gardener Volunteers continue to do all we can to keep local natural food in our area.

Again, please accepted our thanks for your generosity and rest assured that we will make the most of it while doing what we love, working in the gardens and educating the public.  And please come and visit us at Historic Point Basse in Nekoosa and see for yourselves what a beautiful site we have in Central Wisconsin.

Highest Regards,

Paula Klevene and The Historic Point Basse Master Gardeners